Renesas offers T1 / J1 / E1 interface products including Analog Front End (AFE), Line Interface Units (LIUs), framers and LIU plus framer combinations also known as Transceivers. AFEs are the analog portion of Line Interface Units (LIUs), and may be used where clock and data recovery (CDR) is provided in another device containing only digital logic such as a field programmable gate array(FPGA). Renesas's line interface units are offered in one to twenty-eight port densities. These products support the 2.048M bits/second and 1.544M bits/second rates known as E1, T1 and J1. They are used in wired and wireless systems such as microwave transport systems, wireless base stations and media gateways that convert digital media streams between different types of network.

Download: Timing Fabric for Next Generation Communications Equipment Overview (PDF | English, 日本語, 简体中文)