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C Compiler Package for RH850 Family

C Compiler for RH850 Family is intended for the development of ROM-based systems for embedded applications. In addition to powerful optimization functions that help boost code efficiency and speed up program execution, this package provides extension functionality to support a broad range of embedded devices.



New release: CC-RH V1.06.00
Synchronization Function at control registers update has been supported in Professional edition.

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Release Information

Product Name Latest Version / Release Date Note
C Compiler and IDE for RH850 Family Latest Ver.: CS+ V.6.00.00
(CS+ for CC V6.00.00)
Released: Jul 20, 2017
Compiler: CC-RH
Latest Ver.: V1.06.00
Released: Jul 20, 2017



  • ANSI-compliant
    Supports C89 and C99 (subset of functions(Note1)).
  • Superior optimization
    Improved optimization for generation of more compact code. In addition, the optimization functionality has been further enhanced with new large-area optimization supporting existing Renesas products. This makes it possible to further minimize the code size and boost the execution speed.
    A multitude of optimization functions are easily accessible via the GUI.
  • Interoperation with RH850 architecture
    Interrupt handling can be accomplished by writing code in C.
    A variety of interrupt functions are provided.
  • Development to match the usage application
    Supports CS+.
    Also supports execution from the command line.
  • An MISRA C rule checker supports the description of high-quality program (Note2)
    Supports automatic checking of C source code based on the MISRA-C: 2004/2012 rules as compiler options
    About MISRA C, refer to here.



  1. long long, // comments, variable-argument macros
  2. Professional edition only


Product Lineup

Product Name (Note1) IDE Valid period Node Locked License Floating License (Note2)
C Compiler and IDE for RH850 Family Standard Edition CS+ (Note3) permanent
C Compiler and IDE for RH850 Family Professional Edition CS+ (Note3) permanent
C Compiler for RH850 Family Standard Edition CS+ (Note3) annual
C Compiler for RH850 Family Professional Edition CS+ (Note3) annual

✔: Available -: Not Available

When ordering, please contact your local Renesas Electronics marketing office or distributor.



  1. The differences between the Standard and Professional editions are described in detail here.
  2. We currently support only the following products with both floating and annual licenses.
    - C Compiler Package for RH850 Family (CC-RH) V1.02.00 or later
  3. CS+ is not promoted in America and Europe. Please contact your regional marketing/sales team for information.


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