Renesas demonstrated a Functional Safety Tool at CES 2018, this video reviews the detailed capabilities of this tool. This CAR (customizable analysis report) Tool is a ISO 26262-Compliant Safety Analysis Tool allowing for a high degree of customization. Key features of this tool include:
- Multiple safety goals and use cases
- Results in detailed ISO 26262 fault classification
- ISO 26262 random HW faults metrics calculation
- ISO 26262 PMFH and EEC acceptance estimation
- Modify fault impact and fault coverage estimation
- Add/remove safety mechanisms
- Revision control support
- Automatic change history generation
- Permanent and transient faults analyses in a single place
- Change FIT source and fault characterization
- Error/warning notification set to support the user
- Charting feature to plot results
- Support for DFA (Dependent Failure Analysis)
- Highly automated GUI
- Embed and refer supporting documents