Renesas’ contactless position sensor solutions are magnet-free, significantly reducing materials costs while providing immunity to magnetic stray fields – a mandatory requirement for many applications. The inductive position sensors interface with low-cost PCB-based coils and simple metallic targets, providing single-chip design flexibility for rotary on axis (end-of-shaft) and off-axis (side-shaft or through-shaft) sensors, as well as linear and arc position sensors; from small angles up to full 360° absolute angle sensing. The design of the multi-sector rotary sensors provide a massive improvement in sensor accuracy for small angular measurements or sensors with a large number of pole pairs. The devices  are ideal for use in a wide range of motor commutation applications in industrial, medical, and consumer markets.

Benefits of Renesas’ Contactless Position Sensor Solution

Renesas’ position sensors provide number benefits over traditional resolvers and Hall effect and xMR sensors. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • No magnets required; reduces system cost
  • Through-shaft capabilities
  • Flexible for motor designs
  • Supports higher speed
  • High accuracy in all applications
  • Lower weight, smaller size
  • Stray field immunity
  • Tolerance to mechanical misalignment
  • Single IC for on-axis and off-axis sensor designs
  • Full resolution for every angle range

About Contactless (Non-contact) Inductive Position Sensor ICs

At their most basic function, a position sensor is any device that provides measurement data based on position of a moving object. Traditional magnet-based solutions measure angular position using variations of magnetic field amplitude induced by the displacement or rotation of a moving magnet. However, these solutions are expensive and offer limited accuracy for small angular movements and/or motor applications with a large number of pole pairs. Renesas’ no contact, magnet-free inductive position sensor ICs interface with thin PCB-based coils and a metallic target to determine position and provide accurate position data back to the system. These inductive, contactless solutions offer significant advantages in cost, temperature range, reliability, design flexibility, and immunity to magnetic stray fields.


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IPS2 Product Family of High-Speed Inductive Position Sensors for Automotive and Industrial Applications in Motor Commutation

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