GreenPAK™ family devices that include load switches offer the user the high level of flexibility that comes from connecting and configuring the resources of GreenPAK, while at the same time controlling high drive current power switches. Controlling the load switches is easy, with the flexibility to connect I/O pins, Look Up Tables (LUTs), Counter/Delay macro-cells, or other GreenPAK macro-cells as the source signals for switching on and off.

GreenPAK™ with Load Switches

This expanding family of devices includes power switches up to 2A, with both single power switch and dual power switch options.

Controlling the Load Switches is as simple as making a connection inside GreenPAK Designer, the same as any other resource. This “point-and-click” simplicity makes using these powerful features easy.

GreenPAK™ with Load Switches


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