RL78/F1x 16bit microcontrollers are AEC-Q100 automotive qualified and providing super low power consumption. Its large product portfolio, scalable from 8 to 512KB flash / 0.5 to 32KB RAM, and from 20 to 144pins (QFN, LQFP, SSOP packages) enables optimal application demand coverages. Further key features are high temperature support up to 150°C ambient (optionally for RL78/F13 & F14), BLDC / FOC motor control, CAN, LIN, UART, CSI, I2C interfaces and hard- & software compatibility across family, as well as an extensive eco-system.

Additionally, RL78/D1A microcontrollers are equipped with up to four stepper motor drivers and an LCD controller that supports up to 216 segments.

Those innovative MCUs are ideal to realize all kinds of highly reliable automotive actuators & sensors, as well as low-end ECUs in body and instrument cluster areas.


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