Dialog leverages its high efficiency power management technology from smartphones with new DA6102 to address the DSLR market, enabling greater space savings and increased efficiency

The DA6102, a highly integrated power management IC (PMIC)

London, United Kingdom – Dialog Semiconductor plc (XETRA:DLG), a provider of highly integrated power management, charging, AC/DC power conversion and Bluetooth® low energy technology, today announced the DA6102, a highly integrated power management IC (PMIC) complete power supply solution for DSLR, mirrorless cameras, and multi-cell Li-ion battery applications. The DA6102’s high efficiency levels surpass those of competing solutions, enabling greater battery savings to allow longer operational run times for 2S Li-ion applications and less heat dissipation for space-constrained and tightly-enclosed consumer devices.

The DA6102 features two buck regulators, one buck-boost regulator, one high-current buck controller, and two always-on LDOs. Extremely low RDSon FETs enable industry-leading efficiency as high as 94 percent for buck and buck-boost regulation. This high level of integration and efficiency, combined with a high switching frequency operation of up to 3 MHz, minimizes the PCB size and external component count and height, delivering an impressive 50 percent space saving over competing solutions. An I2C interface enables flexibility and easy configuration of the output voltage, switching frequency, power sequencing, and fault protection. Most features are also configurable by OTP for simple output voltage and start-up sequence setup.

“The DA6102 has already been adopted by major OEMs in the industry and will start volume production later in 2017, which is a strong endorsement of the competitiveness of this device,” said Paul Wheeler, Vice President ASSP Mobile Systems at Dialog. “We are increasingly looking to bring our leading PMIC technology from smartphones where we enjoy more than 20 percent market share today to exploit new markets with an increasing range of power standard products.”

Dialog SmartCanvasTM GUI allows engineers to simply evaluate the DA6102, accelerating their product development time. The device is available in a WLCSP package measuring just 2.97 x 3.375 mm and available now through Avnet.

For more information, visit www.dialog-semiconductor.com/products/da6102.

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