Pressure meters, pressure sensors, and pressure transmitters use sensors such as bridge resistance to measure pressure, and the measurement results are output via display and communication functions. There are cases where pressure measurement and temperature measurement can be performed simultaneously with multiple channels.

We offer microcontroller products with differing built-in A/D capabilities, CPU cores, and peripheral functions as analog front-end applications in order to meet a wide range of applications and system needs. These, in conjunction with the lineup of general-purpose microcontrollers for main control with communication functions and display functions, and drivers and peripheral parts for communication with higher-end equipment contribute to the realization of various functions of the system.

Block Diagram

Pressure meter, pressure sensor, pressure transmitter block diagram

Recommended Products


Block Recommended Products Features
Analog Front-End MCU RX23E-A With a low-noise, low-drift analog front-end that can measure within 0.1% accuracy without calibration, this is ideal for sensor equipment, control equipment and test/measurement equipment that requires sensing of minute analog signals such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, weight, and distortion. The CPU is equipped with an RXv2 core with excellent DSP/FPU operation, which enables high-precision measurement, control and communication on a single chip.
RA2A1 This features a high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M23 core. It has a variety of digital peripheral functions and 24-bit ⊿ΣADC and 16-bit SARADC analog functions, along with measuring and processing analog signals from sensors; it can also be used with a USB or touch human interface.
RL78/I1E Equipped with analog front-end including an optimal 24-bit ΔΣA/D converter for flow rate, pressure, weight, and distortion measurement, etc., for where high-precision measurement is required, such as for industrial equipment and environmental infrastructure, along with a 12-bit D/A converter and configurable amplifier installed in the low-power RL78 microcontroller. The small 4 mm x 4 mm package contributes to miniaturization of the application.
Sub-MCU for Display RL78/L13 RL78/L13 microcontrollers have a built-in segment LCD driver. Three LCD driving voltage generation methods (external resistance division, capacitive split, and internal voltage boost) are supported, corresponding to a variety of segment LCD panels. Our lineup of products with 64/80 pins and up to 376 segments is ideal for equipment equipped with LCD panels such as measuring instruments.

Communication Driver

Block Recommended Products Features
Communications ZIOL2201 ZIOL2201 is a driver/level shifter IC that supports the communications physical layer of industrial equipment such as sensors and actuators. It is IO Link compliant and can be widely used in a wide range of sensor/actuator application equipment.
ISL32704E ISL32704E is an RS-485 differential bus transceiver that enables two-way communication in industrial IoT networks.
ASI4U-V5 ASI4U-V5 ASSP (Application Specific Standard Product) is the industry's first silicon solution that fully meets the ASi-5 (Actuator Sensor Interface Version 5) standard for industrial networking equipment and is ideal for applications in the Industry 4.0 field. (Currently under development)

Analog and Power

Block Recommended Products Features
Power Supply
  • Main specifications:
    Input voltage range: 7 to 28V
    Output voltage range: 0.8 to 6V
    Maximum output current: 3A
    Auto PFM (light load, high efficiency) mode
  • Simplify power supply design and shorten turnaround time (TAT) with suggested kits and Renesas microcontrollers.
  • Main specifications: Input voltage range: 4.5 to 16V
    Output voltage range: 0.8 to 6V
    Maximum output current: 3A
    Auto PFM (light load, high efficiency) mode
    Dual channel DC/DC
  • Simplify power supply design and shorten turnaround time (TAT) with suggested kits and Renesas microcontrollers.
Isolator /
High-speed Communication Photocoupler /
General-purpose (Tr output) Photocoupler
  • Main specifications: 10Mbps small package high voltage
    Small type SO5 package
    Common lead package
  • Ideal for compact systems with high voltage tolerance
Reference Solution
Type Recommended Products Features
Starter Kit
RSSK for RX23E-A This is a solution starter kit that allows users to accurately and easily evaluate analog functions without board design or microcontroller software development. An insertion platform is built into the evaluation board so you can connect various sensors without soldering. This contributes to reducing the start-up period of the system evaluation environment.

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