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Renesas Synergy™ S3A7 Fast Prototyping Kit

The Renesas IoT Fast Prototyping Kit is an evaluation board for the Renesas Synergy S3A7. The goal is to provide the user with the sensor and expansion options necessary to build an IoT prototype quickly and easily without having to be an expert in the field.




The S3A7 MCU Board is at the heart of the IoT Fast Prototyping Kit. It features LCD display with Touch screen, WiFi Communication Module, PMOD and Grove expansion options, USB Host and Device connectors. The S3A7 MCU Board comes with the Renesas Synergy S3A7 Microcontroller which features 192KB of RAM and 256KB of flash memory. In addition the board provides 16MB external flash memory connected over QSPI interface. The LCD display is outfitted with a resistive touch panel and the LCD controller is included on the board. The board offers variety of expansion options via 4 PMOD and 4 Grove connectors.


Kit Contents

  • S3A7 MCU Board
  • New Haven 2.4" LCD
  • J-Link Lite Cortex-M 9-Pin
  • AMS Environmental Sensor PMOD Module

            - The AMS Sensor board includes four environmental sensors on a single module:

            - Lightning Sensor – AS3935

            - Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor – ENS210

            - Indoor Air Quality Sensor – iAQ-Core

            - Color Light-to-Digital Converter with Proximity Sensor – TDM3782

  • Bosch Motion Sensor PMOD Module
  • USB Battery & Cable
  • USB Thumb Drive


Ordering Information

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Smart Chef Demo

Smart Chef Demo

The kit comes preloaded with the Smart Chef Grill example project that demonstrates how to use sensor data and cloud capabilities to make a smarter product. The Smart Chef Grill example shows developers how to quickly and easily integrate their embedded devices with cloud-based enterprise solutions allowing them to benefit from the power of the cloud, while meeting real-time needs.


  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor - monitoring cooking conditions
  • Air Quality Sensor - checks smoke coming from grill
  • Proximity Sensor - determine when grill lid is closed
  • Accelerometer - detect if grill is tipped over or moved
  • Location using Smartphone App
  • Weather service data streamed
  • Diagnostics and reports on current state and past usage of grill
  • Touch Screen display to control grill, provide alerts, and show recipes
  • Notifications sent via SMS and email
Connectivity to Renesas IoT Sandbox
Connectivity to Renesas IoT Sandbox

The Smart Chef Grill example provides an out of the box example of how to connect to the Renesas IoT Sandbox. The Renesas IoT Sandbox is a no-cost, no-installation developer area that provides cloud connectivity with Renesas products, smartphones, and third-party web services (OpenWeatherMap, Twilio SMS, Mandrill Email, etc.). The Renesas IoT Sandbox provides users with powerful IoT capabilities such as identity management, data storage, ability to visualize data with dashboards and, most importantly, the ability to derive intelligence from the data using flexible workflows, which unlike rules engines are 100% programmatic. Deriving intelligence from IoT data is a difficult problem to solve, but the cloud-based IDE makes it as easy as possible. Users have access to pre-built workflows in the library, or they can create their own custom workflows by writing Python scripts. With the Renesas IoT Sandbox, users can build cloud-enabled IoT prototypes in a matter of hours and no external rules engines are required to make it happen.


    Access the Renesas IoT Sandbox

    Access S3A7 Tutorials

    Access the Learn IoT Community


More Information

For more information about Renesas Synergy please visit: www.renesas.com/products/synergy.html

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