Renesas Electronics enables high intelligence, efficiency and Power Factor with DALI and DMX while reducing system cost.

Renesas' Solutions for LED Lighting

Here is where Renesas’ solutions stand out!

  • Both analog and digital solutions for LED lighting are offered by Renesas.
  • Analog solution offers PFC control and very simple dimming.
  • Digital solution is full digital control including PFC, multiple LED channels, lighting communications and sensors.
  • Full digital solution enables various model development by modifying the software parameters of power control.

Base Light

Base Light Full Digital Solutions Supporting Communication

Solution Lineup

Example of MCU-based control: RL78/I1A AC/DC full digital evaluation board

This is a 1-chip MCU-based solution that provides the PFC control, multi-channel LED control, and communication and sensor-based dimming and toning control, which are necessary for base lights/ceiling lights.
Whereas analog ICs require adjustments using external components when the system control must be modified, the 1-chip MCU-based full digital solution can accommodate such changes through modification to the control software. Therefore, a common circuit design can be applied to different sets of specifications for the construction of power board platforms.


Evaluate LED dimming/toning control using the RL78/I1A

  • Powered by AC100V-240V
  • up to 6 channels can be controlled with individual 16 bit dimming
  • LED power: max. 90 W (30 W/ch)
  • LED Vf total: max. 90 V/ch, LED current: max. 350 mA/ch
  • Dimmer interface: DALI and DMX512 communications, IR sensor, switch × 3 ch
  • On-chip debugging and flash rewriting capable (via USB cable or E1 emulator)
  • Supports the software auto-generation tool Applilet EZ Lighting design GUI
  • Support IEC61000-3-2 Class C, CISPR15
  • IEC61347/60950 compliant design

Block Diagram

Block Diagram

Related Solutions

Product Name
EZ-0008 Master communication evaluation board supporting infrared, DALI, and DMX512 communication
Lighting Communication Master Evaluation Board Reference and evaluation tool for developing transmitter side (master) device for infrared, DMX512, and DALI communications
Features: Supports infrared, DMX512, and DALI (IEC 62386-207 Ed. 1.0 and IEC 62386-102 Ed. 2.0 command transmission)
Applications: Lighting switch, lighting controller/router, development tool
EZ-0012 LED lighting evaluation board that performs DC/DC control by using the RL78/I1A microcontroller
Full Digital (2con/Isolation) AC/DC full digital LED control evaluation board that uses the RL78/I1A microcontroller 2 converters, isolated, 3 channels of output
Features: Supports switch, infrared, DMX512, and DALI (IEC 62836-101 Ed. 1.0 and IEC 62836-102 Ed.1.0) as dimming mode
Applications: Base light, ceiling light, illumination equipment, etc.
Full Digital (1con/Non-isolation) AC/DC full digital LED control evaluation board that uses the RL78/I1A microcontroller 1 converter, non-isolated, 1 channel of output
Features: Reduce costs by using single converter. Original control technology prevents flicker.
Applications: Downlight, tube light
Full Digital (2con/Non-isolation) AC/DC full digital LED control evaluation board that uses the RL78/I1A microcontroller 2 converters, non-isolated, 1 channel of output
Features: Supports switch, infrared, and DALI as dimming mode. Supports IEC 62836-102 Ed. 2.0 commands for DALI. Original control technology enables low-intensity multi-stage high-performance dimming.
Applications: Base light, ceiling light
Applilet EZ for HCD
Tool used to automatically generate software for microcontrollers for LED lightings evaluation boards

Recommended Products for Base Light

Product Name
Operating Ambient Temperature
PFC Control DC/DC
Communication Evaluation Board User's
RL78/I1A -40 to +105℃
-40 to +125℃
6 ch (max.) Ext-DALI
IR, other