The ISL94202EVKIT1Z is an evaluation kit that facilitates testing of the ISL94202 Li-ion battery pack monitor and control IC. The evaluation kit contains:

  • ISL94202EVAL1Z evaluation board
  • MCB_PS_Z multi-cell power supply test board
  • ISL94202INTFACEKIT1Z USB to I2C interface kit includes a PCB, I2C cable and ISO-DONGLE1Z
  • USB cable, connects PC to USB-I2C interface board

The ISL94202 monitors cell voltage, current and temperature. It converts the cell voltages, pack current, and temperatures to 12-bit digital values, provides cell balance control, and provides complete stand-alone battery pack operation.

Default stand-alone operation of the ISL94202 can be overridden by an external microcontroller. The PC based GUI includes functions to monitor stand-alone operation and to demonstrate operation with an external microcontroller.


  • Status LEDs monitor RGO, EOC, SD, and PSD conditions
  • Jumper configuration single or split path applications
  • Wakeup push button for "Exit Sleep" control
  • FETs off push button for quick all FETs off condition
  • Cell balance LEDs for MCB process observation
  • PCB layout accommodates "solder braid" addition for high current evaluation
  • Software enables real time observation and data collection of 14 analog measurements and 27 digital status indicators


  • Power tools
  • Battery back-up systems
  • E-bikes

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Datasheets & Errata
ISL94202 Datasheet Datasheet PDF 1.86 MB
User Guides & Manuals
ISL94202EVKIT1Z Evaluation Kit Manual Manual PDF 5.50 MB
ISL94202EVKIT1Z Design Files Design File ZIP 6.74 MB
ISL94202EVKIT1Z, ISL94203EVKIT1Z Evaluation Kit GUI with Source Code v1.0 Library ZIP 926 KB
ISL94202EVKIT1Z, ISL94203EVKIT1Z Installer Software v306 Library EXE 2.78 MB