Combining an inductive position sensor (IPS) with an xEV inverter solution can reduce costs and the bill of materials (BOM) compared to using a resolver.

For more about the xEV inverter solution, view the xEV Inverter Reference Solution page.

System Benefits​:

  • Over 30%*1 less expensive than resolvers. Contributes to the reduction of BOM components.
  • Verified noise immunity in high voltage inverter environments (400V, 100kW, 500Arms).
  • The inductive position sensor (IPS) enables a high accuracy angle of ≦0.1% full scale (with ideal coil), and high-speed rotation (up to 600,000rpm electrical revolutions). It is compact and light weight.
  • Easy to design and optimize your own IPS Tx/Rx coil pattern.
  • Sample software (RDC/ADC) is provided for quick evaluation.

*1 Based on Renesas research

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