Charging mobile devices in vehicles can be much safer and more convenient with the Renesas wireless power transmitter designed for automotive applications.


My name is Laurence McGarry and I'm with Renesas Wireless Power Division, and I would like to introduce you to automotive in-cabin wireless charging transmitter.

The main challenge that we're trying to solve here is one of convenience. We're trying to maximize the placement convenience so that you can step inside your car, you place your smartphone or your smart device directly on the wireless charging transmitter inside the cabin and it starts to charge immediately.

Secondly, there's a real safety aspect to this, too. If you're a driver and it's a dark and rainy night, for example, and you're fiddling around with intricate connectors and wires, you may get into an accident. So the idea of the convenient safe placement on the wireless charging transmitter reduces driver distraction, increases safety.

The demo is allowing users to visualize how a wireless charger works. You can see the easy placement of the smartphone on top of the transmitter surface and the immediate charging.

The key advantage of the device, the P9261, is it's an SoC and it's dedicated to wireless charging, so it has maximum integration. It also incorporates an M0 Arm core for maximum flexibility.

The customer reference design or reference board comes as a complete turnkey solution at 15 Watts Qi compatible. It's designed with all the collateral being online to make it simple and easy for customers to copy-paste the reference design and give them a really strong start point for their automotive transmitter. It is compatible with the latest Qi EPP 15 watts and all the latest proprietary mode standards as well.