This video discusses the ISL70001SRH fully space qualified integrated FET DC-to-DC converter.


My name is Shlomo Manheim, I'm the European sales manager for Military Avionics and Rad Hard products at Intersil. I would like to discuss the world's first fully space qualified integrated FET DC/DC converter. To date, when you were designing your point-of-load DC/DC conversion for your space application, you needed several components. First one was your PWM controller. Second one was either an integrated gate driver for two FETs or two separate gate drivers, and your FETs. I would like to introduce to you the new Intersil solution which basically integrates these different parts into one single chip.

Intersil will be releasing the world's first integrated FET point-of-load DC/DC converter. And as I showed earlier, it will solve your problems of the higher part count that you would need on your design by integrating your PWM switcher, the gate driver, and your FETs into one small chip. But it won't stop over there, we also added quite a few other features which will assist you in your design. The first one is your soft start. The next one is your power good, then enable. The power good and the enable pin will also give you the advantage of being able to sequence multiple rails on your system. The last pin I mentioned there is the sync pin which will enable you to synchronize the switching frequency of the controller through other devices, be it a clock, or another switcher on the system.

I would like to mention some other key features of this part. The first one is the input voltage range, which is 3V to 5.7V. The accuracy of the part, the part has an accuracy of plus minus 2%, which will keep the voltage being regulated within the tolerance of the part you are actually powering. The next feature is a switching frequency, which is 1MHz. As we all know, the higher a switching frequency you have, the smaller your inductor and capacitor on the output have to be, which, as we know, is a bit painful, especially in the space industry, space-wise and weight-wise on your system. Next feature is overcurrent and undervoltage protection. Next I would like to move to your rad hard and single-event performance of this part. So the total dose, the part is immune up to 100krad. The part has immunity for single-event transient and upset up to 40MeV, and a single-event latchup and burnout of up to 80MeV. If I might add, the single-event testing we perform is at 125 °C, and not at room temperature.

To summarize, Intersil has introduced the world's first Integrated FET DC/DC converter for rad hard applications. The first part that will be available is the ISL70001, which will be a 6M part. The second part which will be released is a 10A to 12A part, which is the ISL70002.