Easy Evaluation and Development with RX71M

The RX71M Revelation Kit allows quick and easy evaluation of RX700 microcontrollers series. The provided development tools offer in addition an excellent choice for your next low cost HMI (Human Machine Interface) project with a state of the art GUI (Graphical User Interface) software.

The RX700 Series microcontrollers have a powerful RXv2 32-bit CPU operating at up to 240MHz, large integrated memory and a vast range or peripherals for communications, security and real-time embedded control applications.

The Revelation Kit hardware includes an RX71M MCU with 4 MB Flash and 552 KB RAM and a QVGA TFT LCD with touch screen, allowing the user to implement a simple, highly-integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution on a single chip microcontroller. A USB Host/Function port, several PMOD interfaces and an On-Chip Debug circuit are also provided on-board to allow development and download of user application code.

The supplied sample software has been developed using Renesas e2studio IDE and RX Firmware Integration Technology (FIT), for fast and easy integration of middleware components, such as USB stack, file system and Flash programming. The sample applications also include LCD Direct Drive firmware and Renesas Graphics API (GAPI) running under FreeRTOS, and can be used as the basis for user’s own application development.

RX71M Revelation Kit

The kits allows customers, with the out of the box demo to explore four different GAPI graphical user interface demos.

GAPI Demonstration

  • Four options are available from the home screen.
  • If no option is selected within 30 seconds, the auto demonstration mode will start.

The revelation board is recognised as a USB mass storage device if connected to PC USB port. The User is able to transfer images (BMP) and text file to the USB mass storage drive, which is recognised once the revelation board is connected to the PC.

Exhibition Demonstration

  • The button during reset is used to switch the demonstration mode.
  • The image and text is loaded to the screen according to the definitions in the text file (USB power supply only)

The Revelation Kit software base on Renesas GAPI software (configured for 16-bit (RGB565)) and the USB FIT (Firmware Integration Technology) drivers, which are available as source for customer project development at no extra charge.

Demo 1

Demo 2

Demo 3

Package Content
  • 32-bit RX71M RPB including QVGA display (320 x 240)
  • Quick Start Guide
Ordering Information

Status: Available

Part number: YRPBRX71M