Updated: Sep. 30, 2021

Renesas Electronics Corporation

Product Overview

This product provides the Mali Graphic Library for the RZ/G2L MPU. Please read the release note for the RZ/G2L Board Support Package before using this product.


  • Video Codec Kernel Module
  • Video Codec Libraries

Target Reference Boards

RZG2L Evaluation Board Kit


Sep 30, 2021: RZ/G2L Video Codec Library Evaluation Version V0.51

Download Evaluation Version

This product is an evaluation version, so it is only permitted to be used for evaluation purposes. Please read the following notes before downloading the product from the download link below.

  • This product cannot be applied to commercial products. Please read the Software License Agreement for details.
  • The evaluation version has a limitation that it cannot run continuously for a long time. For other limitations, please refer to the Integration Guide included in the product.
  • As a general rule, Renesas does not provide support for this evaluation version.

Codec Library Evaluation Version V0.51 for RZ/G2L Group Board Support Package (ZIP | English, 日本語)

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