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This RZ/A3UL software package helps speed up time to market.
Please refer following documents to learn how to use this software package.

Release Notes

  • RZ/A Flexible Software Package V1.2.0 released (Dec. 28, 2022)
  • RZ/A Flexible Software Package V1.1.0 released (Sep. 30, 2022)
  • RZ/A Flexible Software Package V1.0.0 released (Jul. 28, 2022)


RZA3LU Software Package

SW Package

Software Package


Evaluation Board

Evaluation-Board Kit


Development Environment

e2 studio, GCC


GUI development tool

Guiliani EvalKits

The RZ/A3UL software development kit is a software development kit that supports various functions of RZ/A3UL such as camera input and LCD output. It provides the Flexible Software Package and RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit to help users quickly develop embedded systems with RZ/A3UL. Also supports users' HMI development by providing TES Electronics' GUI tool Guiliani.

 * RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit needs to be purchased separately.

The Prepaid by Renesas Guiliani Lite license for Guiliani Evalkits

You can obtain an additional Guiliani-Lite production license key from TES. This license is free of charge for Renesas RZ/A users. With this license you are able to produce state-of-the-art HMI applications for production use. The Lite version of Guiliani is fully featured and only has small limitations on usable resources (number of images, dialogs, fonts, etc) and hardware acceleration. To get the Prepaid by Renesas Guiliani-Lite license, please refer to TES Guiliani.


  • By linking with the intuitive configurator of "e2 studio", which is a software integrated development environment, and the code generation function, it is possible to proceed with real-time system development efficiently and quickly.
  • Support both RTOS applications and bare metal applications.

Target Devices

Synergy Download


Title Type Date
PDF7.57 MB
Quick Start Guide
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Manual - Software
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Application Note
PDF1.37 MB
Application Note
Release Note
Release Note

Design & Development

Sample Code

Sample Code

Title Type Date
[Software=FSP|v3.5.0],[Toolchains=GCC ARM A-Profile (AArch64 bere-metal) 10.3-2021.07]
EXE1,524.63 MB
Application: Industrial, IoT Applications, Consumer Electronics
Function: Software Package
IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code
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Compiler: GNU ARM Embedded
IDE: e2 studio
Sample Code

Videos & Training

GuilianiSDK for RZA3UL Tutorial - How to run

This video explains how to run "GuilianiDemo" with RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit. “GuilianiDemo” is included in TES Electronics Solution's "Guiliani SDK for RZ/A3UL" and shows the capabilities of the Guiliani HMI framework.

00:00 Opening
00:37 Board, Software information
02:07 Board Configuration
02:24 Build and Run

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Additional Details

Operating Environment

Integrated development environment e2 studio Integrated Development Environment, default toolchain is GCC Arm Embedded
Supported board RZ/A3UL Evaluation Board Kit
Emulator SEGGER (J-Link Series), KMC (PARTNER-Jet2)


Support Driver Software

Category Function V1.0.0
End of Sep/2022
End of Dec/2022
OS FreeRTOS(*1) check check check
Memory I/F ROM QSPI QSPI / OctaFlash™(*2)
Debugger   SEGGER(*3) / KMC(*4)
Driver RZ/A Initial Program Loader (IPL) check check check
Board Support Package (BSP) for FSP check check check
General Timer (GTM) check check check
IRQ (External interrupt) check check check
DMAC check check check
Image Scaling Unit (ISU)     check
LCDC check check check
Camera Data Receiving Unit (CRU) check check check
SDHI     check
USB 2.0 Host (HID) / (MSC)   check(HID) check(HID / MSC)
USB 2.0 Function (CDC)     check(CDC)
Ethernet check check check
I2C (master / slave) check(master) check(master) check(master / slave)
SCIFA (UART) check check check
Renesas Serial Peripheral Interface (RSPI) check check check
CANFD Interface (RS-CANFD)     check
General Purpose Input Output Port (GPIO) check check check
SSI (I2S) (master / slave) check(master) check(master) check(master / slave)
Watchdog Timer (WDT)   check check
A/D Converter   check check
MTU3a     check
SCIg     check

(*1) : FreeRTOSTM is a trademark of Amazon Web Services, Inc.
(*2) : OctaFlash™ is a trademark of Macronix International Co, Ltd.
(*3) : https://www.segger.com/ (J-LINK)
(*4) : https://www.kmckk.co.jp/ (PARTNER-Jet2)