RZ/A2M Software Package is a software development kit for the RZ/A2M that supports various RZ/A2M functions such as DRP(Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor), camera input, LCD output, and image adjustment. It consists of device drivers, middleware, sample programs for the RZ/A2M and FreeRTOS OS.

In addition to the RZ/A2M Software Package GCC version, the Arm Compiler version is also available for customers who prefer to use the Arm's integrated development environment (Arm Development Studio : Arm DS).

Target Devices

Additional Details

Supported Functions

RZ/A2M FreeRTOS™ Software Package Arm® Compiler version supports following functions.

Category Function
Middleware File System (FatFS)
TCP/IP Protocol Stack
System Standby Mode Management
Firmware Update (UART)
Timer OS Timer
Graphics IP Camera
JPEG Codec
LCD (Display)
Image Pre-processing (DRP Library)
Interface Serial Communication (I2C)
Serial Communication (UART)
Wi-Fi (UART)
USB Host (MSC)
USB Function(CDC)
SD Memory Card (*1)
Touch Screen
Analog A/D Converter

*1 : If UHS-l mode support is needed, please contact us.

Operation Environment

Integrated development environment Arm DS
Compiler Arm Compiler 6
Supported board RZ/A2M Evaluation Board Kit
Emulator ULINK2TM

Package Information

As the Arm Compiler version, RZ/A2M Simple Applications Package (Arm DS) is available. This software package includes driver software for each IP on RZ/A2M and sample application programs.

Software Package Name Latest Version Released Features Download
RZ/A2M Simple Applications Package(Arm DS) 4.40 Sep. 29, 2023 Simple software projects include the usage for each driver and each middleware as follows.
  • Blinky Application
  • Graphics Applications(Camera & Display, JPEG, Sprite Engine)
  • DRP basic sample program
  • I2C bus interface sample program
  • Ethernet sample program
  • Wi-Fi (UART) sample program(*1)
  • ADC sample program
  • SD FATFS sample program (*2)
  • USBH FATFS sample program
  • USBH HID sample program
  • USBF CDC sample program
  • Low Power Mode sample program
  • DMAC sample program
  • RTC sample program
  • Firmware Update sample program
  • PWM sample program
  • Touch screen sample program
  • SSIF sample program
[Supported software]
  • OS: FreeRTOS V10.4.3-LTS-patch-1, OS abstraction
  • Middleware: FreeRTOS+TCP, DRP library
  • Driver: DRP, VDC6, LVDS, JPEG, MIPI/VIN, CEU, Timer, UART, I2C, RSPI, SSIF, DMAC, ADC, SD, USBH, USBF, Low Power Mode, RTC, HyperBus, GPT
RZ/A2M Group RZ/A2M Simple Applications Package (Arm Development Studio) V4.40 (ZIP | English, 日本語)

(*1) To use the Wi-Fi function, need to connect Digilent Pmod EPS32 module via UART.
(*2) If UHS-l mode support is needed, please contact usSD Host/Ancillary Product License Agreement (SD HALA) is required to develop SD host-related products.

Target Devices

Family Group
RZ Family RZ/A2M

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