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With a complete WYSIWYG screen design environment for drag-and-drop design of UI screens, GUIX Studio™ automatically generates C code that is compatible with the GUIX™ library and ready to be compiled and run on Synergy MCUs. Developers can produce pre-rendered fonts for use within an application using the integrated GUIX Studio font generation tool. Fonts can include any set of characters, including Unicode, for multi-lingual applications, and can be generated in either monochrome or anti-aliased formats.

GUIX Studio enables the importing of PNG and JPG files and conversion to compressed GUIX pixelmaps. It also allows customization of widget colors and drawing styles, enabling developers to fine-tune UI appearance.

GUIX applications can be executed on a desktop PC within the GUIX Studio environment, allowing quick generation and testing of UI concepts. Once completed, designs are exported as target-ready C data structures, and are ready to be compiled and linked with the Synergy Software Package (SSP). After the designs are released, GUIX applications can be easily updated to support additional languages using built-in application strings.


  • Enables the importing of PNG and JPG files and conversion to compressed GUIX pixelmaps
  • Customization of widget colors and drawing styles
  • Fine-tune UI appearance

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GUIX Studio

Current Public Release

Release Date:2020-06-19

MCUs Supported: S7G2, S5D9, S5D5

MD5: 05d6c38739a362e5ac8a9da5e4aaa69d

Installation Instructions

To install GUIX Studio, download the installer (.zip) from the Synergy Gallery. Unzip it, then run the installer (as an Administrator) and follow the directions on the screen.

The "tag" file has the license info for GUIX Studio. When the software doesn't see this file, it defaults to "Evaluation Version." During extraction of the ZIP file, the TAG file will be placed in the same folder together with the installation executable of GUIX Studio. When it is present at installation, the installer will set things up so that GUIX Studio uses this license info.

Please run the installer as ADMINISTRATOR.

If GUIX Studio was already installed as evaluation version, this tag file can be dropped into the same directory as the GUIX Studio executable. Close and reopen GUIX Studio. Next time GUIX studio is executed, the new license info for Renesas Synergy will appear.


For details, please refer to the GUIX Studio User Guide below.