S5D9 IEC61508 Self-Test Library

S5D9 IEC61508 Self-Test Library



Library of self-test software functions and guidelines to assist compliance with the IEC61508 safety standard for industrial systems.


Industrial systems require specific testing to ensure functional safety and fail-safe operation compliance.


The diagnostics software library contains software tests for the CPU, volatile memory (user RAM), non-volatile memory (Flash ROM for code and data storage), Clock Frequency Accuracy Measurement Circuit (CAC), Independent Watchdog (IWDT), Low Voltage Detection (LVD) module, 12-bit A/D Converter (ADC12), Temperature Sensor (TSN), and Port Output Enable for the GPT (POEG) module. The software routines can be implemented in any system for self-testing of Synergy S5D9 MCUs.


The routines are to be used after reset and during program execution, but can be integrated into the overall system design as desired.