The HS-303ARH, HS-303AEH, HS-303BRH, HS-303BEH analog switches are monolithic devices fabricated using the Renesas dielectrically isolated Radiation Hardened Silicon Gate (RSG) process technology to ensure latch-up free operation. They are pinout compatible and functionally equivalent to the HS-303RH, but offer improved 300kRAD(Si) total dose capability. These switches offer low-resistance switching performance for analog voltages up to the supply rails. ON-resistance is low and stays reasonably constant over the full range of operating voltage and current. ON-resistance also stays reasonably constant when exposed to radiation. Break-before-make switching is controlled by 5V digital inputs. The HS-303ARH and HS-303AEH should be operated with nominal ±15V supplies, while the HS-303BRH and HS-303BEH should be operated with nominal ±12V supplies.


  • Electrically screened to DLA SMD# 5962-95813
  • QML, per MIL-PRF-38535
  • Radiation performance
    • Total dose: 3x105rad(Si)
    • SEE: For LET = 60MeV•cm2/mg at 60° incident angle, <150pC charge transferred to the output of an off switch (based on SOI design calculations)
  • No latch-up, dielectrically isolated device islands
  • Pinout and functionally compatible with Renesas HS-303RH and HI-303 series analog switches
  • Analog signal range equal to the supply voltage range
  • Low leakage: 100nA (max, post-rad)
  • Low rON: 70Ω (max, post-rad)
  • Low standby supply current: +150μA/-100μA (max, post-rad)




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