The Intersil 82C59A is a high performance CMOS Priority Interrupt Controller manufactured using an advanced 2µm CMOS process. The 82C59A is designed to relieve the system CPU from the task of polling in a multilevel priority system. The High-Speed and industry standard configuration of the 82C59A make it compatible with microprocessors such as 80C286, 80286, 80C86/88, 8086/88, 8080/85 and NSC800. The 82C59A can handle up to eight vectored priority interrupting sources and is cascadable to 64 without additional circuitry. Individual interrupting sources can be masked or prioritized to allow custom system configuration. Two modes of operation make the 82C59A compatible with both 8080/85 and 80C86/88/286 formats. Static CMOS circuit design ensures low operating power. The Intersil advanced CMOS process results in performance equal to or greater than existing equivalent products at a fraction of the power.


  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)
  • 12.5MHz, 8MHz and 5MHz Versions Available
  • High-Speed, "No Wait-State" Operation with 12.5MHz 80C286 and 8MHz 80C86/88
  • Pin Compatible with NMOS 8259A
  • 80C86/88/286 and 8080/85/86/88/286 Compatible
  • Eight-Level Priority Controller, Expandable to 64 Levels
  • Programmable Interrupt Modes
  • Individual Request Mask Capability
  • Fully Static Design
  • Fully TTL Compatible
  • Low Power Operation
  • ICCSB 10µA Maximum
  • ICCOP 1mA/MHz Maximum
  • Single 5V Power Supply
  • Commercial, Industrial and Military Operating Temperature Ranges Available




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