The F1455EVBK is a fully populated evaluation board which allows the customer to easily evaluate the  F1455 TX RF Digital Variable Gain Amplifier. Attenuation is set using SPI.

The F1455EVS is a complete hardware and software solution that allows customers to digitally control the F1455EVBK with the USB output on a computer. The kit includes the F1455EVBK board, as well as a USB Digital Control Board and interface cables. The software, guides , and instructional videos are available for download / viewing on this page.


  • F1455EVBK (Evaluation Board)
    • SMA connectors for RF input and RF output
    • Power supply connected either through SMA connector or header pins
    • Attenuator settable using header pins using serial port interface (SPI)
  • F1455EVS (Evaluation Solution)
    • Includes product evaluation board described above
    • Includes Digital Control Board and all necessary cables
    • Interfaces with the Digital Control Software – can be downloaded from this page



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Constant Linearity (KLIN) RF Technology by IDT

IDT’s KLIN (constant linearity) RF technology extends both OIP3 and output 1 dB compression point (P1dBO) amplifier gain settings. This is particularly valuable in transmitter designs where the gain of the device is maintained within a normal gain setting window about 6 dB below maximum gain. 

KLIN refers to Constant High Linearity Inner Amplifiers as the gain is adjusted. This technology extends the compression performance over a wide range of input powers, and also extends output third order intercept and corresponding inner modulation distortion performance over a wide range of output powers.

This technology is particularly advantageous in transmitter designs, where the gain of the device is maintained within a normal gain setting window.

This technology applies to some of IDT's high-gain, high-linearity transmitter variable gain amplifiers (VGAs). For more information, visit: http://www.idt.com/products/rf-products/variable-gain-amplifiers-vga.