Smarter Edge Computing for the Industrial IoT

Need your device to sense, calibrate, control and communicate? Renesas' SmartEdge™ platform is a customized solution we develop with you to meet your specific edge computing requirements – all on a single piece of silicon.

The Advantages of Custom Integration

Many IIoT edge computing solutions are based on non-optimized collections of off-the-shelf components, resulting in systems that are big, power-hungry and expensive. SmartEdge solves this problem by integrating sensing, calibration, control and communication functionality onto a single chip.

An integrated custom solution provides more reliability, optimized performance, lower power and far lower cost, even in modest production volumes.

The Industrial IoT isn’t One-Size-Fits-All

In real-time control, system processing needs to be performed at the source in order to optimize system responsiveness, communication overhead and security. Considering the non-homogenous nature of the applications in the Industrial IoT, no optimized fit-for-all solution exists. Our customized integration with the SmartEdge platform delivers optimized performance and cost.

Sensor AFE

Interpreting and digitizing sensor signals requires specialist engineering expertise – a key strength of our ASIC engineering team. The AFE (Analog Front End) defines sensor performance, ensuring maximum information is extracted for every element. 

Read about our ADCs – a key component in any AFE


Intelligent calibration means the sensor and its AFE will be more accurate for far longer. Designing this capability requires intimate knowledge of the sensor’s behavior over its lifetime, as well as an understanding of the rest of the components on your board. We have the knowledge and tools to create customized, intelligent calibration for your products.

Why does Calibration matter?


Control system options in an industrial context are many, and an understanding of how to craft a robust solution is key. Also, in some cases, system management updates will be communicated to the cloud. Renesas has extensive experience interpreting these many requirements and creating optimal solutions.

Real time Control for the edge


With more than three decades’ experience designing a wide range of highly reliable on-chip communications, we have the systems knowledge and experience to help you optimize all of your product’s communications needs – whether wired or wireless – from edge to hub to cloud.

Wireless Communication


On-chip hardware-based security is widely regarded as preferable to software-only methods, as it is far harder to defeat or hack. We work with some of the leading security companies in the world to bring the latest technologies into every ASIC design.

Security first design methodology

SmartEdge diagram


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