This is a USB certified reference solution of a 2~4 cells Li-ion battery power bank. This solution consist of PD controller R9A02G011 to work with Buck-Boost charger ISL9238C, for voltage conversion as well as battery charging.

The USB Type-C® port supports Dual Role Power (DRP) and has capability to support Programable Power Supply (PPS) in Source role. It also supports Sink-only role to evaluate the product that has battery inside and requires USB Type-C® port for charging.

For firmware (software) design, this evaluation board comes with:

  • Firmware generation tool (PDC image generator, PDC-IMGGEN), a GUI tool enable engineer to tweak the required USB PD function, and with USB PD3.0 compliance firmware, providing fast turnaround solution for standard USB PD features.
  • Software Development Kit (SDK), with USB PD3.0 compliance firmware, providing great flexibility for engineer to utilize R9A02G011 PDC’s resource to implement additional or proprietary functions.

By providing such reference solution, enable engineer to start product design right away.

USB certification:
TID: 1090007, RTK-251-1PowerBank3, 45W
TID: 1090008, RTK-251-1PowerBank3, 15W PPS


  • USB Power Delivery and USB-Type-C®
    • One USB-Type-C® port
    • Power Role: Dual Role (Supports Try.SRC mode)
      • Power Source voltage (without PPS): 5, 9, 12, 15, 20V and up to two additional voltages.
      • Power Source voltage (with PPS): 5V and 5VProg.
      • Power Sink: 5 to 20V (Supports variable input)
    • Supports USB-Type-C® Authentication Responder feature (RTK0EUG011D06010BJ only)
    • Supports USB Power Delivery Firmware Update feature (PDFU) (RTK0EUG011D06010BJ only)
  • Battery Charger
    • Battery type: Li-ion battery
    • Number of cells: 2, 3 or 4 series cells (Normal function: Default setting = 3 series cells)
    • Trickle Charging
  • 5 LEDs indicators
    • USB-Type-C® port status indicator (1 LED)
    • Battery remaining capacity indicator (4 LEDs)
  • Protections
    • Over Temperature Protection (USB-Type-C® Receptacle)
    • Over Voltage Protection (VBUS voltage)
    • Over Current Protection (VBUS current)


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