The ISL6141 is an 8-pin, negative voltage hot plug controller that allows a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane. Inrush current is limited to a programmable value by controlling the gate voltage of an external N-channel pass transistor. The pass transistor is turned off if the input voltage is less than the Under-Voltage threshold, or greater than the Over-Voltage threshold. The IntelliTrip™ electronic circuit breaker and programmable current limit features protect the system against short circuits. When the Over-Current threshold is exceeded, the output current is limited for 600µs before the circuit breaker shuts down the FET. If the fault disappears before the 600µs time-out, normal operation resumes. In addition, the IntelliTrip™ electronic circuit breaker has a fast Hard Fault shutdown with a threshold set at 4 times the current limit value. When activated, the GATE is immediately turned off and then slowly turned back on for a single retry (soft-start). The active low PWRGD signal can be used to directly enable a power module (with a low enable input). The ISL6151 is the same device but has an active high PWRGD output.


  • Operates from -20V to -80V (-100V Absolute Max Rating)
  • Programmable Inrush Current
  • Programmable Over-Voltage Protection
  • Programmable Under-Voltage Protection
  • 135mV of hysteresis
  • Equals ~4.6V of hysteresis at the power supply
  • UVLO (Under-Voltage Lock-Out) ~ 16.5V
  • Programmable Current Limit with 600µs time-out
  • IntelliTrip™ electronic circuit breaker distinguishes between Over-Current and Hard Fault conditions
  • Fast shutdown for Hard Faults with a single retry (fault current > 4X current limit value).
  • Pin Compatible with ISL6140/50.
  • Power Good Control Output
  • Monitors both the DRAIN (voltage drop across the FET) and the GATE voltage; once both are OK, the Power Good output is latched in the active state.
  • PWRGD active high: ISL6151 (H version)
  • PWRGD active low: ISL6141 (L version)




  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Servers
  • Telecom systems at -48V
  • Negative Power Supply Control
  • +24V Wireless Base Station Power


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