The EL7232 3-state drivers are particularly well suited for ATE and microprocessor based applications. The low quiescent power dissipation makes this part attractive in battery applications. The 2A peak drive capability, makes the EL7232 an excellent choice when driving High-Speed capacitive lines, as well. The input circuitry provides level shifting from TTL levels to the supply rails. The EL7232 is available in 8 Ld PDIP and 8 Ld SO packages.


  • 3-State output
  • 3V and 5V input compatible
  • Clocking speeds up to 10MHz
  • 20ns Switching/delay time
  • 2A Peak drive
  • Low, matched output impedance 5Ω
  • Low quiescent current 2.5mA
  • Wide operating voltage 4.5V to 16V
  • Pb-free available (RoHS compliant)



  • Parallel bus line drivers
  • EPROM and PROM programming
  • Motor controls
  • Charge pumps
  • Sampling circuits
  • Pin drivers
  • Bridge circuits


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