Renesas' ultra-low loss 8th generation insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBTs) minimize power loss in power conversion systems and contribute greatly to energy savings.

Improved Performance with Ultra-Low Loss

Ultra-low loss is the result of many years of process technology. Renesas has achieved up to 30% improvement in the performance index for IGBTs — fast switching characteristics versus conduction-loss-determining low Vce(sat) — compared to previous generations. Until now, there has been a tradeoff between these two aspects and it was difficult to improve both at the same time. Our engineers achieved this improvement through technological improvements in microfabrication and thin wafer processing, resulting in IGBTs that realize the lowest loss characteristics in the industry.

Microfabrication technology uses state-of-the-art trench field stop IGBT technology in which a gate on the wafer surface is fabricated in the shape of a trench, and in which thin wafer with a electric field relaxing structure is used for the reverse surface. This achieves both low loss and high speed.

Thin wafer processing technology, using a 65μm ultra-thin wafer, cuts down conduction loss

Improvement in performance for each generation of IGBT

Improvement in performance for each generation of IGBT


Voltage Tolerances & Design Topologies

Renesas offers a lineup of products with different voltage tolerances and design topologies suited to various applications including 650V or 1250V products for UPS or industrial inverters. Also offered are 1800V IGBTs for wind power generation or solar inverter applications, and 650V (supporting over 50kHz) products for air conditioner or induction heating. Circuit design support is provided, allowing users to select a suitable example circuit according to design topology for each application.

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Flexible & Easier Design

Renesas' ultra-low loss 8th generation IGBTs offer features that make designing easier and more flexible. The TO-247 package consists of metal on the reverse side with high heat radiation capabilities, which guarantee operation at a high temperature of 175 °C. The standalone package offered for the 75A current range is a discrete configuration that enables flexible support for higher power. Additionally, these IGBTs reduce feedback capacitance Cres by 80% compared to previous devices and vastly improve switching noise performance.

Low Switching Noise Characteristics

Low switching noise characteristics



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