The ISL81802EVAL1Z dual-phase evaluation board demonstrates the performance of the ISL81802, an 80V dual synchronous buck controller. The board is configured for 18V to 80V input voltage range, with a dual-phase 12V output capable of 20A. This evaluation board has multiple test points for easy probing. The QFN version of ISL81802 is used on this board.


  • Wide input range: 18V to 80V
  • High light-load efficiency in pulse skipping DEM operation
  • Programmable soft-start
  • Optional DEM/PWM operation
  • Optional CC/HICCUP OCP protection
  • Supports pre-bias output with soft-start
  • PGOOD indicator
  • OVP, OTP and UVP protection
  • Back biased from output to improve efficiency



  • Telecommunication
  • Server and data center
  • Automotive electronics
  • Industrial equipment
  • Power system


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This solution shows the transient, line and Load regulation capability of the ISL81802 80V, high voltage, dual synchronous buck controller.