The ISL8002DEMO1Z kit is intended for use by individuals with requirements for point-of-load applications sourcing from 2.7V to 5.5V. The ISL8002DEMO1Z demo board is used to demonstrate the performance of the ISL8002 low quiescent current mode converters.

The ISL8002 is a highly efficient, monolithic, synchronous step-down DC/DC converters that can deliver up to 2A of continuous output current from a 2.7V to 5.5V input supply. It uses peak current mode control architecture to allow very low duty cycle operation. It operates at either 1MHz or 2MHz switching frequency, thereby providing superior transient response and allowing for the use of small inductors. It also has excellent stability and provides both internal and external compensation options.


  • High-efficiency synchronous buck regulator with up to 95% efficiency
  • 0.8% reference accuracy over temperature/load/line
  • Start-up with prebiased output
  • Internal soft-start - 1ms
  • Soft-stop output discharge during disable
  • 1MHz, 2MHz default frequency
  • Negative OC protection



  • General purpose point-of-load DC/DC
  • Set-top boxes and cable modems
  • FPGA power
  • DVD, HDD drives, LCD panels, TVs


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