The ISL8105AEVAL1Z evaluation board highlights the operations of the ISL8105A controller in a DC/DC application. The evaluation board is configured for an output voltage of 1.8V and 15A maximum load.

The ISL8105A is a simple single-phase PWM controller for a synchronous buck converter. It operates from +5V or +12V bias supply voltage. With an integrated linear regulator, boot diode, and N-channel MOSFET gate drivers, the ISL8105A reduces external component count and board space requirements. These make the IC suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Operates from +5V or +12V bias supply voltage
  • 0.6V internal reference voltage
  • Integrated MOSFET gate drivers that operate from VBIAS (+5V to +12V)
  • Simple voltage-mode PWM control
  • Fast transient response
  • Fixed operating frequency
  • Fixed internal soft-start with pre-biased load capability
  • Lossless, programmable overcurrent protection
  • Enable/Disable function using COMP/EN pin
  • Output current sourcing and sinking currents



  • 5V or 12V DC/DC regulators
  • Industrial power systems
  • Telecom/Datacom applications
  • Test and measurement instruments
  • Distributed DC/DC power architecture
  • Point-of-load modules


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