The DA9168 is a configurable Battery Management IC (BMIC) with integrated dual LDOs and reverse boost to support USB On-The-Go (USB-OTG). The extremely low quiescent current consumption in a very compact footprint makes it ideally suited for a multitude of space-conscious, battery-powered consumer applications. The fast-growing hearable segment for True Wireless Stereo (TWS), wearable segment for smartwatches, and a range of smart home applications such as smart cameras are examples where the DA9168 is an extremely good fit.

The device comprises a high-efficiency switch-mode charger with power path management capable of supporting up to 1.5A of charge current, dual LDOs that can be configured as load switches, and high-efficiency reverse boost functionality.

DA9168 has several power-saving modes to increase battery life whether the product sits on the shelf or is in operation. Further savings in power are achieved with the ultra-low IQ reverse boost converter that is efficient down to 60μA load currents with low power LDOs.


  • Low IQ solution
  • High efficiency fast charging of up to 1.5A and PFM mode light loads of up to 20mA
  • Reverse boost up to 1A and PFM mode on light loads (60μA)
  • Low IQ linear chargers (LDOs) that can support up to 350mA
  • Single input to support USB input and high voltage adapters - Supports 4.0V to 10.0V input voltage
  • Ultra-low leakage state during shipmode
  • High accuracy battery charging profile ±5% charge current regulation
  • Dynamic power path balancing that reduces charging current and input current as necessary and allows VSYS to draw current from both supplies during peak loads
  • Programmable OVP that can be used for a variety of charger applications such as wireless charging (up to 10V), wired (~6V), etc.
  • OV, UV protection on VBAT and VSYS inputs
  • Inbuilt die temperature monitoring and battery temperature monitoring


  • High-efficiency, synchronous switch-mode buck charger
  • Reverse current mode
  • Integrates two LDOs/load switches
  • High integration includes all MOSFETs, current sensing, and loop compensation
  • Low RDS_ON <19mΩ (typ) BATFET to extend battery life
  • High accuracy battery charging profile
  • High integration and configurability
  • Fast charge
  • Package: WLCSP 30L 2.145mm x 2.545mm x 0.53mm




  • TWS cradle charger
  • Wearable devices - Fitness trackers, smartwatches, wireless headphones
  • Home automation devices - Smoke detectors, smart thermostats, smart door locks
  • Health monitoring medical accessories
  • Rechargeable toys
  • High efficiency, ultra-low power applications


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