The Renesas RX65N Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit (Part Number: YWIRELESS-RX65NAWS) provides a useful platform for evaluating IoT applications on the RX65N microcontroller. The RX65N Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit is ideal for embedded solutions requiring Wi-Fi, with the pre-integrated end-to-end portfolio of embedded software, protocol stacks and cloud services, facilitating rapid design and implementation.

Powered by Amazon Web Services, the kit includes the “Smart Home” demo from Micrium and the GT202 Wi-Fi module with Qualcomm’s QCA4002 low-energy 802.11/a/b/g/n SoC. At the kit’s core is the Renesas RX65N Microcontroller, delivering industry leading high-performance, low-power 40nm process technology.

The kit enables the user to evaluate the capabilities of the RX65N and its peripherals by providing a simple platform on which to get an IoT demo up and running quickly.



What’s included with the Kit:

  • 120MHz RX65N MCU board
  • GT202 Wi-Fi module with Qualcomm QCA4002 low-energy 802.11a/b/g/n SoC
  • USB Type B connector for power and USB2.0 device interface (with cable)
  • 3 PMOD connectors
  • 5V DC Power Jack
  • Arduino Shield Socket
  • E1/E2 Lite/J-Link header for external J-Link support
  • Pre-programmed with Micriµm’s "Smart Home end-to-end IoT demo"

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Smart Home Gateway

The RX65N Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit enables the Smart Home by utilizing an IoT demo that simulates a series of home appliances that you can control and monitor from the web and can be up and running in 10 simple steps. A quick install of Micriµm software, IAR’s Embedded Workbench, some quick connections and set up is all that is needed - Micriµm software and the RX65N Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit will do the rest.

What is the Smart Home Gateway?

The Smart Home Gateway demo is designed to help traditional developers integrate their embedded devices with cloud-based enterprise solutions and ERP, such as SalesForce or SAP systems, allowing them to benefit from the power of the cloud, while meeting real-time needs.

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