Veridify Security’s fast, small footprint, energy-efficient security tools make it easy to deliver critical device-to-device security features to RX100 series devices and the low-resource IoT points to which they connect. Now, RX100 users can quickly and cost-effectively implement the same security features traditionally only available on larger, more expensive MCUs.


  • RX100 series users can secure their MCUs at the edge of the IoT with:
    • Easy and cost-effective implementation of critical security features like authentication, identification, data protection, and other common protection features needed on RX series devices
    • Veridify’s methods are quantum-resistant to all known threats, delivering a future-proof security solution
    • Quick and inexpensive implementation in software; reducing time/cost to market



  • Industrial IoT​
  • Energy and metering​
  • Home appliances​
  • Consumer applications
  • Office/Building automation​
  • Healthcare​
  • Motor control​