The Renesas Starter Kit for RX660 is the perfect starter kit for developers who are new to the RX660 (code Flash 1MB, pin count 144-pin). The kit includes an LCD display module and an on-chip debugging emulator. Download the integrated development environment installer for the Renesas Starter Kit from the Renesas website and start evaluating the RX660's performance, right after unboxing the kit.


  • Devices: RX660 (RX660(R5F56609HDFB: Supported encryption function, code Flash 1MB, pin count 80-pin)
  • CAN FD function can be evaluated.
  • Sample code will be available on the Renesas website. They make it easy to understand the coding technique.
  • Application combining functions using the FIT (Firmware Integration Technology) module can be evaluated.
  • Required IBM-PC compatible PC (need USB interface, processor 1GHz over), OS: Windows 11/10/8.1 (other than the listed OS is not supported)



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