The EZ-0008 is a master communication evaluation board supporting infrared, DALI, and DMX512 communication, which are commonly used in lighting solution sets. This board can be used to evaluate EZ-0005, EZ-0006, EZ-0011, EZ-0012, and other lighting evaluation boards that have communication functions.

You can evaluate the EZ-0008 board by downloading the following tools:

  • USB Device Driver for EZ board
  • DALI Master Controller GUI
  • DMX512 Master Controller GUI

Note: The .Net Framework 3.5 (for Windows XP or later) is needed in order to use the DALI Master Controller GUI or the DMX512 Master Controller GUI. Please see the documentation included with your product for details.

USB Device Driver for EZ board V1.00 is an old version driver. When using with Windows 7 64 bit version, Please use the "Windows device driver for EZ board driver (64 bit). It should be noted that using this driver, the virtual USB-COM name is displayed Renesas Starter kit Virtual UART (COMx).

When using the DALI master controller GUI version 1.1 or higher, it is necessary to update the firmware of EZ-0008 in some cases. For details, please refer to the user's manual of the DALI master controller GUI (R20UT0715EJ0200) Appendix D Checking and updating the firmware version of EZ-0008.

Do not install a tool in a directory that includes 2-byte characters.

A device file that defines the internal memory capacity and peripheral function information for each tool must be obtained separately before use.


  • Infrared, DALI, and DMX512 communication features
  • Switch channel to infrared communication feature
  • A dedicated GUI makes it possible to control DALI and DMX512 communication from a PC
  • Note: The infrared communication feature uses Our format (custom code: 0000H; data code: 5AA5H or DA25H).



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