The ISL32613E and ISL32614E are ±16. 5kV HBM ESD protected (7kV IEC61000 contact), 1. 8V powered, single transmitters for differential communication. These drivers have very low bus currents (±40µA), so they present less than a 1/8 unit load to the bus. The low bus currents allow more than 256 transmitters on the network without violating the RS-485 specification’s 32 unit load maximum and without using repeaters. Hot plug circuitry ensures that the Tx outputs remain in a high impedance state while the power supply stabilizes. Both ICs use slew rate limited drivers, which reduce EMI and minimize reflections from improperly terminated transmission lines or unterminated stubs in multidrop and multipoint applications. The ISL32613E is more slew rate limited for data rates up to 128kbps, while the less limited ISL32614E is useful for data rates up to 256kbps. For companion low power single RS-485 receivers, see the ISL32610E datasheet.


  • Wide supply voltage range 1.8V to 3.6V
  • Low quiescent supply current 80µA (max)
    • Very low shutdown supply current 2µA (max)
  • High ESD protection on RS-485 outputs ±16.5kV HBM
    • Class 3 ESD level on all other pins >8kV HBM
  • Specified for +125°C
  • Hot plug - Tx outputs remain three-state during power-up
  • Low Tx leakage allows >256 devices on the bus
  • Slew rate limited for data rates up to 256kbps
  • Current limiting and thermal shutdown for driver overload protection
  • 5V tolerant logic inputs
  • Pb-Free (RoHS Compliant)




  • Industrial/process control networks
  • Space-constrained systems
  • Factory automation
  • Building environmental control/lighting systems


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