The ASI4U-V5 is the industry's first silicon solution to fulfill the ASi-5 (Actuator-Sensor-Interface version 5) standard for industrial network equipment that enables comprehensive Industry 4.0 applications. The ASI4U-V5 ASSP comes with a completely verified and field-proven firmware that fully implements ASi-5. Hence, the integration of ASi-5 into any application is very easy, as the complexity of the fieldbus is hidden by the chip and the firmware.

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ASi-5 Key Technology Advantages

Faster and more efficient for Industry 4.0 applications

  • ASi-5 supports 1.2ms cycle time with a jitter of less than 10ns vs 5ms of ASi-3
  • ASi-5 allows for 96 devices being attached to the same cable vs 62 in ASi-3
  • ASi-5 can run up to 200m cable vs 100m in ASI 3
  • ASi-5 supports diagnostics and event handling needed for industry 4.0 applications


  • ASi-5 is the most robust field bus due to its 3D redundancy concept, which ensures that all data reaches the destination in time without any errors. Robustness is a key asset in industrial communication.

Ease of integration

  • ASI4U-V5 is an ASi-5 silicon solution, which consists of the ASi-5 ASSP and a fully self-contained firmware image that handles all ASi-5 specific items. Hence, it is the easiest fieldbus integration option.
  • ASI4U-V5 is fully backwards compatible to ASi-3
  • ASI4U-V5 supports all bust topologies (line, star, tree)
  • ASI4U-V5 supports and easy integration with IO-Link

Application Examples

Supports Simple Slave and Complex Slave Application

ASI4U-V5 Supports Simple Slave and Complex Slave Application

Main Interfaces and Application Examples

ASI4U-V5 Main Interfaces and Application Examples

ASI4U-V5: The Solution That Fits to All ASi-5 Applications

ASI4U-V5: The Solution That Fits to All ASi-5 Applications



  • Fully compliant to the AS-i version 5 standard
  • Fully compatible with the AS-i version 3 standard
  • The solution consists of the ASSP and a self-contained ASi-5 firmware
  • 64-pin QFN package
  • Support for simple slave applications (digital-IO connection)
  • Support for complex slave applications (SPI/IF to the application)
  • Operating temperature -40°C to +85°C
  • Supply voltages: 5V & 3.3V
  • Package dimensions : 9 x 9 mm, 0.5 mm pitch
  • Part Number: R9J06G039UGNP




  • Industrial network


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ASI4U-V5 – The ASi-5 Solution

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