The μPC834 and 4064 are low power consumption versions operational amplifier of μPC804 and 4084 series with the general-purpose J-FET input. This revolutionary J-FET input operational amplifier realizes low power consumption of ICC 800 μA TYP. and low voltage operation from ± 2 V. Owing to its J-FET input, the input impedance is high. The AC characteristics are also greatly improved compared to the conventional low power consumption operational amplifier. Therefore, it is ideal for application circuits such as amplifier circuits and active filters in various battery-operated electronic devices. Depending on the operating ambient temperature, μPC834 is suitable for communication application while μPC4064 is suitable for general-purpose usage. Along with this series of lineup, the dual type op-amp μPC832 and 4062 with same circuit configuration are also available.


  • Input Offset Voltage   ±2 mV (TYP.)
  • Input Bias Current    10 pA (TYP.)
  • Slew Rate        3V/μs (TYP.)
  • Unity Gain Frequency   1 MHz (TYP.)
  • Circuit Current      800 μA (TYP.)
  • Operate from ±2 V
  • Built-In Phase Compensation Circuit
  • Built-In Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Standard Quad Op-Amp terminal connection (pin compatible)




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