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The JM38510/12203BGA is the JAN version of the HA2-2620. HA-2620, HA-2625 are bipolar operational amplifiers that feature very high input impedance (500MΩ, HA-2620) coupled with wideband AC performance. The high resistance of the input stage is complemented by low offset voltage (0. 5mV, HA-2620) and low bias and offset current (1nA, HA-2620) to facilitate accurate signal processing. Input offset can be reduced further by means of an external nulling potentiometer. The 100MHz gain bandwidth product (HA-2620, HA-2625 are stable for closed loop gains greater than 5), 35V/µs slew rate and 150kV/V open loop gain enables HA-2620, HA-2625 to perform high gain amplification of very fast, wideband signals. These dynamic characteristics, coupled with fast settling times, make these amplifiers ideally suited to pulse amplification designs as well as high frequency (e. g. , video) applications. The frequency response of the amplifier can be tailored to exact design requirements by means of an external bandwidth control capacitor connected from the Comp pin to GND. In addition to its application in pulse and video amplifier designs, HA-2620, HA-2625 is particularly suited to other high performance designs such as high-gain low distortion audio amplifiers, high-Q and wideband active filters and high-speed comparators. For more information, please refer to Application Notes AN509, AN519 and AN546.


  • Gain Bandwidth Product (AV ≥ 5) 100MHz
  • High Input Impedance 500MΩ
  • Low Input Bias Current 1nA
  • Low Input Offset Current 1nA
  • Low Input Offset Voltage 0.5mV
  • High Gain 150kV/V
  • Slew Rate 35V/µs
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Compensation Pin for Unity Gain Capability




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