The ICL7650S Super Chopper-Stabilized Amplifier offers exceptionally low input offset voltage and is extremely stable with respect to time and temperature. It is a direct replacement for the industry-standard ICL7650 offering improved input offset voltage, lower input offset voltage temperature coefficient, reduced input bias current, and wider common mode voltage range. All improvements are highlighted in bold italics in the Electrical Characteristics section. Critical parameters are guaranteed over the entire commercial temperature range. Intersil's unique CMOS chopper-stabilized amplifier circuitry is user-transparent, virtually eliminating the traditional chopper amplifier problems of intermodulation effects, chopping spikes, and overrange lockup. The chopper amplifier achieves its low offset by comparing the inverting and non-inverting input voltages in a nulling amplifier, nulled by alternate clock phases. Two external capacitors are required to store the correcting potentials on the two amplifier nulling inputs; these are the only external components necessary. The clock oscillator and all the other control circuitry is entirely self-contained. However the 14 lead version includes a provision for the use of an external clock, if required for a particular application. In addition, the ICL7650S is internally compensated for unity-gain operation.


  • Guaranteed Max Input Offset Voltage for All Temperature Ranges
  • Low Long-Term and Temperature Drifts of Input Offset Voltage
  • Guaranteed Max Input Bias Current 10pA
  • Extremely Wide Common Mode Voltage Range +3.5V to -5V
  • Reduced Supply Current 2mA
  • Guaranteed Minimum Output Source/Sink Current
  • Extremely High Gain 150dB
  • Extremely High CMRR and PSRR 140dB
  • High Slew Rate 2.5V/µs
  • Wide Bandwidth 2MHz
  • Unity-Gain Compensated
  • Clamp Circuit to Avoid Overload Recovery Problems and Allow Comparator Use
  • Extremely Low Chopping Spikes at Input and Output
  • Improved, Direct Replacement for Industry-Standard ICL7650 and other Second-Source Parts
  • Pb-Free Plus Anneal Available (RoHS Compliant)




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