The ZLED7012KIT-E1 Evaluation Kit enables a quick and easy evaluation of IDT's ZLED7012 Low-Voltage, Four-Channel LED Driver IC within its basic application circuit. The kit includes the ZLED7012-E1 Evaluation Board, which provides a standard 5-pin terminal connector to allow the user to easily interface with the on-board microcontroller and ZLED7012 to evaluate its functions, features, and performance. The board also has two push-buttons to manually send commands and change the operation mode of the ZLED7012. An on-board generator demonstrates the ZLED7012's Pulse Count Control (PCC) digital brightness control feature. The kit operates on a 2.8V to 5.5V power supply range, which can be connected to an external power supply. Alternatively, for easy access to a 5V power supply, the kit includes a USB cable for connection to a USB A connector on the user's computer (note: data pins are not included on the board connector) or a USB power supply.


  • ZLED7012-E1 Evaluation Board
  • USB Cable Male A to Male Mini-B
  • 5 samples of ZLED7012

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