If you want to use RA2 microcontrollers but don't know where to start, we have good news for you. If you follow this blog, you will be able to set up the RA2 microcontroller development environment and even operate the HS3001 temperature sensor!

Follow the Table of Contents for a step-by-step explanation.
1.    Install e2-studio(Integrated Development Environment)
2.    Download the sample project
3.    Build and debug the sample project
4.    Check temperature/humidity sensor

In this blog, we used the RA2E2 microcontroller, which operates with one of the lowest power consumption among RA microcontrollers.

May 17, 2023
Yukiko Date, Staff Product Marketing Specialist

Developers of wireless IoT device networks and smart meters can overcome their challenges with this wide-area, high-speed wireless communication Wi-SUN FAN 1.1 solution embedding Sub-GHz wireless communication.

May 17, 2023
Akira Kusakari, Sr Staff Marketing Specialist

The importance of quality and reliability in the context of embedded designs cannot be overstated. Read an overview highlighting the decades of Renesas commitment to building quality into our MCU design from concept through production.

May 17, 2023
Mohammed Dogar, Vice President MCU Business Development

Do you know that you can run the RL78 using the Arduino IDE, the popular Arduino development environment for beginners and professionals alike?
This blog briefly explains everything from setting up the environment to the application notes that are available to the public.

May 15, 2023
Sho Hataki, Staff Application Engineer

This blog introduces the features and benefits of RX66T-Based Whole Speed Range Position Sensorless FOC.

May 10, 2023
Naoto Kashiwazaki, Sr Staff Product Marketing Specialist

Read about the latest addition of BGA package options to the RA4M3 / RA6M4 / RA6M5 groups and how these smaller packages are enabling new use cases.

May 9, 2023
Takeo Mimura, Senior Staff Engineer

The RAA211x family of scalable integrated FETs (up to 5A) & high voltage (up to 75V) peak-current mode switching regulators provides easy-to-use multipurpose solutions to meet your power requirements.

May 8, 2023
Michael Low, Senior Principal Manager

This blog discusses Renesas’ journey toward becoming a full-spectrum technology solutions provider and its latest Winning Combinations program, which triggered a major shift in customer engagement and company mindset.

Apr 27, 2023
Chris Allexandre, Senior Vice President, CSMO and Head of the Global Sales and Marketing Unit

A discussion on how to detect unwanted vibration easily and inexpensively in motor control systems for preventive maintenance / predictive failure analysis.

Apr 27, 2023
Kevin P King, Senior Manager, SST

Discover the RL78 microcomputer with valuable information that's perfect for beginners. Renesas offers an affordable, user-friendly development environment for RL78, making it easy to build your own system. Plus, you can connect with other developers and share information on the user community site.

Apr 24, 2023
Taisei Kurokawa, Application Engineer