This 6- to 10-cell motor solution is a 4-board solution that powers motor applications using 24V to 36V batteries. The battery pack provides power to the motor control and peripherals. The charger board converts a wall outlet AC signal to a constant current source used to charge the battery pack. The motor control board with inverter drives the 600W motor for the end application and a final board is a Bluetooth® modem that plugs into the battery board for Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates, displaying diagnostics and remote control of the system.

System Benefits​:

  • Signal IC battery management system that manages a 15AHr battery pack
    • RL78 MCU and battery front-end (BFE) are integrated to save space
    • Sample code is provided
  • Single IC motor control system that drives a 600W motor
    • RL78 MCU and motor control front-end (MFE) are in a single package
    • The motor and auxiliary are controlled by the driver
  • 90W smart charger
    • Supports charging 6- to 10-cell battery packs with a smart charging routine
    • Sample code is provided
  • Bluetooth connectivity modem through PMOD quick connect
    • System diagnostics
    • Supports Over-the-Air (OTA) firmware updates
    • Works with Renesas SST App (In Google and Apple stores)
  • I2C communication between boards
    • Identification/Authentication
    • Remote system control
  • Expand System reach through the motor control aux port



  • 24V to 36V battery power motor application for motors up to 600W
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