Interactive Device Interfaces Between Human and Machine; 
Simple Development Environment Enabling Creativity

LCD Displays have been replacing standard 7-segment displays in embedded systems at a tremendous pace. It offers endless possibilities to the interaction between human and devices. Be it displaying simple things such as text, numbers and graphs; it is also now possible to display videos and images on the same display panel.

Even though the LCD display enables more flexibility in the design, it sometimes takes the developer a longer time to come out with the final solution due to more complex processing and control required.

With Renesas display solutions, it is now possible to unleash your creativity in designing the best human-machine interface and implement it in a short time. Check out our demonstration videos to see how a high display performance and advanced functionalities can be achieved with this solution.

Strong Support for Developers

GUI Development Environment and Graphics Library

The display on an LCD panel usually consists of a collection of parts, such as buttons. Developers need to create not only a single static display but also transitions on events such as when an icon is touched. Tools that enable developers to develop using a GUI provide strong support for developing complex processes.

GUI Development Environment

Image Color Reduction

When the number of colors in an original image provided by a designer is reduced, image quality often degrades. This tool for the RZ/A1 can reduce image data size while minimizing the effect on image quality. Benefits to the system include more efficient use of resources and improved performance.

Image Color Reduction

RZ/A Software Development Kit

Displaying content on an LCD panel is only one requirement of a system. The board support package (BSP) for the RZ/A Series provides the other functions that are required—such as camera, storage, and network—in a single package.

RZ/A Framework (tentative name)

RA Graphics Evaluation Kit

The EK-RA6M3G evaluation kit enables users to seamlessly evaluate the features of the RA6M3 MCU Group and develop embedded systems applications using Renesas' Flexible Software Package (FSP) and e2 studio IDE. You can utilize rich on-board features along with your choice of popular ecosystem add-ons to bring your big ideas to life.

QE for Display

QE for Display is a tool for the RZ/A, RX651 and RX65N that enables the settings of a connected LCD panel to be adjusted using a graphical interface. Even non-technical users can easily adjust the display using this tool. This tool runs as a plug-in in the e2 studio development environment provided by Renesas.

Easy to settings for LCD panel timing

Partner Development Tools

Partner Logo Partner Name Description Website
"The Electronic Solutions" TES logo
TES Electronic Solutions GmbH

Tool for GUI development environment


"Web Technology" Webtech logo
imesta logo
Web Technology Corp. Tool for Image Color Reduction http://www.webtech.co.jp/eng/
segger logo
SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH  Graphic Library and GUI Tool emWin (segger.com)


Software & Tool Pages

RZ/A Software Development KitSoftware package for the RZ/A Software Package Renesas
QE for Display: Development Assistance Tool for Display ApplicationsThis development assistance tool supports the development of embedded systems which use the LCD display functions of display controllers from Renesas. [Plugin for Renesas IDE "e² studio"] Solution Toolkit Renesas
TES Guiliani'Prepaid by Renesas' TES Guiliani-Lite for RZ/A Solution Toolkit Renesas

Videos & Training

Guiliani on Renesas RA6 Webinar Available Now!

Renesas Electronics and TES Electronic Solutions are proud to jointly launch Guiliani on the RA6 MCU family. Contact us NOW to be first to use this powerful and yet cost-effective solution to easily create stylish embedded Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) on RA6! Here is a detailed webinar: