The IDT ADC demostration board is suitable for dynamic performances evaluation from low to high IF configuration. A FPGA mother board (Xilinx, Altera ) could be connected to ease the evaluation and analysis of the ADC dynamic and enable usage of the JESD204B full features sets.


  • SMA connector for clock and analog input signals
  • JESD204B outputs up to 5 Gbps (HSMC connector)
  • Optional HSMC to FMC adaptor board
  • Single power supply (on-board regulators)


Title language Type Format File Size Date
star ADC1443D and 53D Evaluation board user manual guide Manual - Hardware PDF 4.47 MB
Demo Board Software ADC4 Manual - Software ZIP 4.59 MB
ADC1443D-53D Evaluation Board Schematics&Layout Schematic PDF 4.20 MB