Special Day-Off and Meeting-Free Days for a Better Work Environment

July 26, 2022

TOKYO, Japan, July 26, 2022 ― Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced new initiatives for improving workplace environment: “Renesas Day” and “Focus Fridays.” These measures will be offered to all global employees throughout August 2022.

Renesas is committed to providing a workplace environment where its talented employees can fully harness their potential while achieving work-life balance. Under this aspiration, Renesas spearheaded workstyle flexibility, such as implementing work-from-home policies and encouraging flexibility in working time.

The new initiatives being introduced are “Renesas Day” where a special day-off will be given on August 12, 2022 to all global employees, and “Focus Fridays” in which employees are encouraged not to book any meetings on Fridays during the month of August.

This is the first time that Renesas has implemented a unified day off or meeting-free days for all global employees. Being able to take a day off or avoid meetings on a single day across the Group will enable employees to not only relax and recharge, but also create time to further focus on their work with less interruption. Renesas aims to bolster employee productivity and engagement through these initiatives.

“Our Purpose -To Make Our Lives Easier - is not only intended for our customers, it is our ambition to make the lives of all our dedicated employees easier as well,” said Julie Pope, Vice President of Human Resources at Renesas. “These initiatives are introduced with the utmost gratitude and appreciation to our employees. We are certain that catering to a better work environment will boost employee spirits, enhance the value we create, and let us become the partner of choice to our customers and the employer of choice to talented employees.”

In a globalized setting where employees bring diverse backgrounds, there is a greater call for workstyle flexibility. Renesas is dedicated to address each employee’s needs, boldly try out new initiatives, and realize a work environment where all employees can flourish.

About Renesas Electronics Corporation

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