October 21, 2010

DUSSELDORF, Germany, SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 21, 2010 -- Langer EMV and Renesas Electronics today announced that the RX600 microcontroller (MCU) family is the most robust MCU Langer EMV has ever tested against environmental noise. Langer EMV, an independent testing company, confirmed the outstanding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) performance of the Renesas Electronics RX62T MCU.

Markus Winkler, Langer EMV's IC test engineer, commented: "According to our own assessment of immunity levels, the port pins of the RX62T are insensitive. The MCU reached the test limits without being disturbed." The RX62T microcontroller has pushed the testing threshold limit. The outstanding EMC performance of Renesas Electronics' MCUs helps reduce development costs, as the microcontroller no longer needs to be protected by a specific transient voltage surge suppressor or an expensive multilayer ceramic capacitor.

Starting October 13, 2010, to March 4, 2011, there will be 1,000 RX62N Renesas Demonstration Kits (RDKs) available for contestants. The use of the RDK is encouraged but not required. The contest will be coordinated across the North American, European and Asian regions. To join the competition, visit http://www.renesasrulz.com/rx-contest to register.

One of the most common sources of electrical noise in domestic white goods is inductive components, such as motors, induction rings or relays, through which a current is interrupted. The measurement system devised by Langer EMV enables comprehensive testing of the microcontroller's response to Electric Fast Transient (burst) tests on each pin. The injected noise and voltage spikes / pulses reach 500V on the signal pins. Langer EMV has tested Renesas Electronics' RX62T MCU, a member of the RX600 family, and the test results show the highest level of robustness for a microcontroller against spikes and fast transient.

Renesas Electronics America focuses on supplying microcontroller-based solutions for a wide range of markets including white goods, building and home automation, industrial controls, and medical. Ritesh Tyagi, director, microcontroller product marketing, Consumer & Industrial Business Unit, Renesas Electronics America, said, "The electronic content in many of these applications continues to grow and the environment in which they operate can be subject to a lot of electrical noise. Accordingly, manufacturers are looking increasingly for MCUs that have robust protection against electro-magnetic interference (EMI). The Langer EMV burst tests confirm that the new Renesas Electronics RX600 microcontrollers are perfectly suited to such applications and are insensitive to external noise."

Full details of the Langer test reports are available on request from Renesas Electronics America at [email protected].

About Langer EMV Technik

Our experience in the field of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) goes back to 1981. It has its roots in our practical work in the construction of power installations and plants and in the scientific field in close cooperation with the Technical University of Dresden. The company Ingenieurbüro G. Langer was established in 1993 and two years later, in 1995, re-established as Langer EMV-Technik. The company manufactures the newly developed pre-compliance measurement devices and IC-test equipment and sells these on five continents. New information and practical processes regarding EMC are brought to a wider audience through seminars and publications. Since 1990, around 20 German patents and utility models have been registered by engineering office G. Langer and four European patents registered on the general field of "Innovative measurement technology and processes in the area of EMC." The company's philosophy is aimed at the target group of developers of electronic components and integrated circuits. Development-supporting measurement technology is required to remedy problems of electromagnetic disturbance emission or disturbance immunity in the automotive industry, consumer goods sector, medical technology and mechanical engineering. www.langer-emv.de.

About Renesas Electronics America Inc.

Renesas Electronics America Inc., headquartered in Santa Clara, California, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), the world's number one supplier of microcontrollers and a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions including microcontrollers, SoC solutions, and a broad range of analog and power devices. In the Americas, Renesas Electronics America markets and sells industrial-type active-matrix LCD modules from NEC LCD Technologies, Ltd., a global leader in innovative display technologies. More information about the products offered by Renesas Electronics America can be found at www.renesas.com.

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