May 16, 2023

TOKYO, Japan, May 16, 2023 ― Renesas Electronics Corporation (“Renesas”, TSE:6723), a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, today announced that it has decided to dispose treasury shares (the “Disposal of Treasury Shares”) under the restricted stock units (“RSUs”) granted by the stock compensation plan, whereby shares of common stock will be delivered after vesting.

1.   Summary of Disposal

(1)  Payment Date

June 1, 2023

(2)  Class and Number of Shares to be Disposed

90,446 shares of Renesas’ common stock

(3)  Disposal Price

1,943.5 yen per share

(4)  Total Disposal Price

175,781,801 yen

(5)  Proposed Allottee

3,300 shares will be allotted to 2 employees of Renesas
87,146 shares will be allotted to 91 employees of Renesas’ subsidiaries (including 4 retired persons)

(6)  Others

For the purpose of the Disposal of Treasury Shares, Renesas will file an extraordinary report with respect to the overseas offering of shares (87,146 shares), in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.

2.   Purpose and Reason of Disposal

In April 2021, Renesas revised its incentive plans for the directors, executive officers and employees of Renesas and its subsidiaries (“Eligible Grantees”) and introduced the new stock compensation plan (the “Plan”), whereby shares are delivered to the Eligible Grantees after vesting.
In addition, in connection with the acquisition of all of the shares in Dialog Semiconductor Plc (currently called Dialog Semiconductor Limited, “Dialog”) (the “Acquisition”), Renesas granted RSUs under the Plan to officers and employees of Dialog and its subsidiaries in lieu of certain Dialog stock compensation that had been granted to such officers and employees prior to the consummation of the Acquisition.
The Disposal of Treasury Shares will be implemented pursuant to the resolution of the Board of Directors of Renesas adopted on May 16, 2023, upon the vesting of certain RSUs which Renesas has granted to the Eligible Grantees under the Plan.

(Details of the Plan)

(1)  Eligible Grantees

Directors, executive officers and employees of Renesas and its subsidiaries.

(2)  Overview of RSU

The RSUs granted under the Plan are stock compensation in which Renesas grants the number of units predetermined by Renesas to the Eligible Grantees in advance, and then delivers shares of its common stock to the Eligible Grantees in accordance with the number of units that vest based on the service continuation period. In principle, in the case of Eligible Grantees other than outside directors, one-third of the number of units granted (corresponding to three years) will be vested for every one year has passed, and, in the case of outside directors, the total number of units granted (corresponding to one year) will be vested for one year has passed. With respect to the RSUs that may be granted in connection with any special situation, such as when RSUs are granted to executives and employees of an acquired company where stock compensation granted by the acquired company are extinguished, or when RSUs are granted in connection with a reduction in the basic salary, Renesas may vest the units in a period different from above.

(3)  Method and Timing of Delivery of Shares of Renesas

On each vesting date, Renesas, pursuant to a resolution of its Board of Directors, will allot to the Eligible Grantees the shares of Renesas’ common stock corresponding to the number of vested units (one share per unit) in exchange for the contribution in kind by such Eligible Grantees of all of the monetary compensation receivables provided to such Eligible Grantees, by way of issuance of new shares of Renesas’ common stock or disposal of treasury shares. The payment amount per share delivered under RSUs under the Plan is the closing price of the shares of Renesas’ common stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the business day immediately prior to the date of the resolution of the Board of Directors for the delivery of Renesas’ common stock (or, if no transaction is effected on the same day, the closing price on the most recent trading day prior thereto).

(4)  Handling at the time of retirement

The vesting of the units shall be made, in principle, subject to the condition that the Eligible Grantees are directors, executive officers, or employees, etc., of Renesas or its subsidiaries at the time of the vesting. However, even if the Eligible Grantees lose their position prior to the vesting of the units, in the event of losses of positions due to causes predetermined by the Board of Directors of Renesas, the number of the shares of Renesas’ common stock to be delivered and the timing of the delivery may be adjusted by the method provided by its Board of Directors.

3.   Basis for and Details of Calculation of the Payment Amount

The Disposal of Treasury Shares will be made in exchange for the contribution of the monetary compensation receivables provided to each proposed allottee. In order to exclude arbitrariness, Renesas determined that the payment amount be 1,943.5 yen, being the closing price of the shares of Renesas’ common stock on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on May 15, 2023 (the business day immediately prior to the date of the resolution of the Board of Directors of Renesas). The payment amount per share is the market share price immediately preceding the Board of Directors’ resolution date, and Renesas considers it is a reasonable price appropriately reflecting its corporate value without being particularly advantageous for any of the proposed grantees.

4. Procedures in accordance with the Code of Corporate Conduct

Renesas is not required to execute procedures to obtain an independent third-party opinion or confirm the intent of shareholders as prescribed in Rule 432 of the Securities Listing Regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange because (i) the dilution resulting from the Disposal of Treasury Shares is below 25%, and (ii) it does not involve any changes in controlling shareholders.

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