The ZL8801 dual-phase, DC/DC digital PWM controller leverages the patented ChargeMode control loop architecture to deliver transient response performance that's far superior to today's analog controllers.


Hello, my name is Philip McKenzie. I'm here at APEC 2015 demonstrating the ZL8801 two-phase fully digital controller.

On the screen behind me, I have a running version of our PowerNavigator GUI that we use to help configure the device and show its general features and capabilities. The board I'm using to demonstrate is a four-phase version of our ZL8801. The ZL8801 can be used in two-phase, four-phase, six-phase, and eight-phase configurations. And in addition, we have a two-phase version that's also available. The two-phase version has a smart power device, the ISL99140. It's a 6mm x 6mm DrMOS type device capable of 40A per channel.

Using the PowerNavigator interface, you have the ability to configure the device for operations such as sequencing. Also, have the ability to change the turn-on and turn-off times by simply moving the cursor over the grab point and changing the on and off times or even the delay times.